Truck Mounted Blower

The uniqueness of the DRY-HIGH VACUUM PUMP (Positive Displacement Type) is that it is capable of attaining 28” Hg vacuum & eliminates the need for water or oil sealing. The 3HVP Series pumps do not require Heat Exchanger are suitable for inlet temperatures without use of Pre coolers.

Heavy – Duty Construction

The Kay DRY-HIGH, VACCUUM PUMP is a positive displacement pump with two Tri-Lobes rotor that are fitted with one another & maintain small but definite clearances that are perfect for industrial use. The 3HVP Series pump are designed for 24 hour (continuous) duty operation & have a self-cooling construction & do not require a Vacuum Relief Valve. These pumps are capable of handling Wet or Dry products & are available with top, Bottom, Left or Right Shaft & a clockwise or Anti-clockwise rotation for adaptation as immediate replacement for existing units.

Salient Features:

  • 5 Bearings with shaft roller bearing suitable for V-Belt & Direct drives.
  • Hardened & Ground Helical Gears located on the drive side for more input torque capability.
  • Piston Ring Seals for lifetime reliability.
  • Heavy – Duty Bearing Holders on thrust end for more axial load capability.
  • Large Oil Sumps for improved bearing lubrication.
  • Hardened & Ground forged Steel Shafts fitted in the Tri-Lobes duly dynamically balanced.