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Blowers India

Twin lobe roots blower is available with low RPM high pressure , high RPM low pressure and compressors .
Blowers India
Performs very well in single stage as well as in double stage.
Blowers India
Available in all shapes and sizes from 3 inches C.D. to 22 inches. Body length may vary from 1.5 inches to 66 inches.
Blowers India
Available in air cooled as well as water cooled variant.
Blowers India
The compact, sturdy design is engineered for continuous service when operated in accordance with speed and pressure rating.
  Flow rate : From 60m3/hr to 57,117m3/hr
Pressure : Up to 1kg/cm2 with single stage

Up to 2kg/cm2 with double stage

  Vacuum : Up to 0.5kg/cm2

With a wide chain of marketing offices spread across locations in India, Kay is determined not just to provide quality products to its esteemed customers but also service them with efficient after-sales support. Our marketing teams located in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Jamshedpur, and Durg is highly trained and equipped to recommend and deliver the correct air blower system to your facility. Today, Kay is growing fast into the international market but at every step of our growth we are committed to offering the highest quality and most cost cost-effective air blower solution to our customers. Manufactured blowers for ‘Nuclear Power Corporation of India ’, ‘Bhabha atomic research centre’ as an import substitute satisfying their stringent quality control.

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twin lobe blowers Twin Lobe Blowers
Performs well in single and double stage
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blowers india
Got the export order...
Got the export order for truck mounted blowers from CANADA & SAUDI ARABIA.
Got Tri lobe blower order...
Got Tri lobe blower order from M/s Alstom Projects- Kolkatta worth 1.76 cores a/c Aditya & Mahan Smelters.
Tri lobe blower order from M/s Claudius...
Got Tri lobe blower order from M/s Claudius Peters-Mumbai worth 76 lacs a/c Aditya & Mahan smelters for Air slides.
order from M/s Anrak Aluminum- Hyderabad...
Got order from M/s Anrak Aluminum- Hyderabad for their smelter.
Got repeat order from...
Got repeat order from M/s ESSAR Steel-Hazira for tri lobe blower worth 1.60 crores.
Got order from M/s Shapoorji..
Got order from M/s Shapoorji Pallonji & Co. -Kolkatta worth 2.80 crores a/c Bhilali Steel plant.
Got 4 orders for STP’s...
Got 4 orders for STP’s for different locations worth 2.70 crores
Successfully increased the...
Successfully increased the production facilities by double.
Got order from M/s Ducon Technology..
Got the order from M/s DUCON TECHNOLOGY I.P. LTD-MUMBAI for 98 lacs on account M/s MAHAN Smelter.
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