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Roots Blower Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Heavy Duty Rotary Positive Displacement Tri Lobe compressors (Roots Blowers)

Salient Features:

It employs two Tri-lobe impellers mounted on parallel shafts, Rotor tips are 120 degree each in shape; rotating in opposite directions within a casing closed at the ends by side plates. As the impellers rotate, air is drawn into one side of the casing and forced out of the opposite side against the existing pressures.

5 Bearings with shaft roller bearing suitable for V-Belt & direct drives.

Helical gears located on the drive side for more input torque capability.

Piston Ring Seals for lifetime reliability.

Heavy-duty bearing holders on thrust end for more axial load capability.

Large Oil Sumps for improved bearing lubrication.

Suitable for Pressure & Vacuum Applications.