takes years and that’s 

exactly what we have



Founded in 1966 by K L Arora, Chairman, KAY International is an iconic brand ruling the sector with advanced technology, practical vision and professional workforce. From a micro unit with small infrastructure to an industry giant, today KAY International is catering to consumers based in various countries including India.

An ISO 9001:2015 & CE certified company.

Over 350+ highly trained staff equipped with technical abilities to fulfil client's requirement

A global clientele of over 5000+ companies across the world

State-of-the-art plant spreading over 30,000+ sq. yards

Received awards and accolades for innovation and finesse

50+ years of global presence in pressure and vacuum technology


"We see ourselves as a global brand in pressure and vacuum technology. With our commitment to strategically developed business over the years, we strive to transform every challenge into an opportunity and envision better prospects"


"We work to achieve excellence in design, production and services for our loyal patrons. As a trusted name in the sector, our efforts have always been to provide technological aid to various industries. With core competencies in engineering, we have opted for the most comprehensive modern technologies. All our efforts and commitments are aimed at offering better scope and vision for India."


“Employee motivation is key to the success of an organisation. Positive energy and encouraging environment at the workplace helps the staff to learn faster, grow and deliver their best.”


“We have been practicing innovation and adapting technological upgrades in constant pursuit of excellence. Every technical process is tried, tested and proven to be the most effective in any given scenario. Customer satisfaction is our top most priority. This ensures impeccable trust and enables us to establish a long-lasting relationship with our loyal patrons.”