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Single stage oil lubricated vacuum pump

Technical data:

CAPACITY : 10 TO 630 m3/hr.

KAY Oil Lubricated Rotary Vane Pumps operate according to the rotary vane principle. The rotor is eccentrically positioned in the cylinder with machined slots which house the sliding vanes. During normal operation the centrifugal action pushes the vanes towards the cylinder wall. The gas is then sucked in through the pump inlet and is mixed with the sealing oil, compressed and discharged through the exhaust opening located between the pump’s housing and oil sump. The sealing oil is then fed into the pump by the differential pressure of the pump module and oil sump. The exhausted gas and oil vapour passes through a demister and the gas and oil vapour are separated. The discharged gas then continues through the exhaust filters and the condensed oil droplets return to the lower part of the oil sump ready for re-circulation.


Environmental – clean exhaust, no pollution.

High vacuum, strong pumping.

Advanced German technology. Suitable for one to one replacement of local or imported, similar pumps with lower cost and higher performance.

Equipped with check valve and oil anti-suck back device. (Inlet with check valve to prevent vacuum oil back into the system. No oil loss owing to the integrated oil return line)

Continuous trouble free working for more than 3,000 hours.

Efficient Air cooling.

Efficient Air cooling.

Easy installation, less maintenance, environment friendly & compact design.

The built-in exhaust filter ensures an oil-mist free exhaust gas over the entire range of operating pressures from atmospheric pressure to ultimate pressure.