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Vertical Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps


Capacity: 250 to 1000 m3/hr

Ultimate Vacuum: 0.05mbar

Vertical serial KVDSZ/KVDSL screw vacuum pump is suitable for pumping speed less than or equal to 260L/S and more than 0.05 mbar ultimate pressure obtain environment. It is widely used in Petrochemical industry, Medical industry, Food industry, Pharmaceutical intermediates, Pesticide, Electronic Photovoltaic, Fine Chemical, Environmental protection and the like this serial vacuum pump adopt vertical townhouse form. Because interaction of the gravity and high speed airflow, this kind of vacuum pump is more easy for the dust and condensate to discharge . Most importantly, this vertical screw pump, eliminate the dust and condensate accumulation problem of that horizontal screw pump. Achieve drain while working. This serial vertical screw Pump perfectly suit those working condition in which gases are still contain powder and a great number of condensate.

Features and advantages:

Easy to maintain

highly reliable

Excellent power balance performance

Stainless steel design baseplate

Reliable lubricating system

Advanced seal structure

Highly effective cooling structure

High standard quality assurance

Exclusive automatically gas and liquid

Mixed online cleaning.

Suitable for large quantity of condensate, dust, easy crystallization, sticky material