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Since 1966

Industrial Air Blowers Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Kay International Pvt Ltd is one of the leading industrial air blower manufacturers and suppliers in India. We manufacture and supply the complete range of industrial blowers at the best price.

Industrial centrifugal Blower

Founded by Mr. K. L. Arora in 1966, Chairman & Managing Director, Kay International Private Limited takes pride for being one of the top industrial blower manufacturers. Each industrial blower manufactured by the company promises quality and excellent performance. With incredible technological advancements in several types of industrial equipment like Industrial centrifugal blowers and Industrial air blowers, the company has become the noticeable roots blower manufacturer of the country. After a remarkable beginning as a micro-unit, the organization has covered a long way to become the top player of today’s ever increasing competition. We strive to take our operations to the next possible level at every step of the journey. Kay international private limited has risen beyond expectations and is active throughout the country and abroad.

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