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Blower AC Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Kay International Pvt Ltd is a leading twin lobe compressor and blower manufacturers and suppliers in India. We manufacture and supply the complete range of blower at the best price.

Rotary Positive Displacement Twin Lobe Compressors – Blowers

Salient Features:

The lobes are 8 in shape. Roots air blower / twin lobe compressor is a positive displacement, constant volume machine to operate against varying pressures. With each revolution, the compressor delivers a metered amount of air measured at inlet conditions.

This series covers the blowers from 76 AC/WC to 1442 AC/WC.

PRT series is the series of moderate size blowers and is applicable where air is required with high pressure. (Up to 1.0 kg/cm2 in single stage & up to 2.0 kg/cm2 in double stage.).

Capacity for PRT series Blowers ranges from 417 m3/hr to 31500 m3/hr with pressure application from 1000 mmwg (0.1 kg/cm2) to 10000 mmwg (1.0 kg/cm2).

Due to the piston ring arrangement used for sealing, this series is called PRT.

Series covers the air cooled as well as water cooled blowers. Above 7000 mmwg water cooled blowers will be supplied.

Well suited for V-belt as well as direct coupled drive.

Material of construction of the casing and lobes for all blowers in this series is C.I.F.G.-260 conforming to IS: 210.