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Exhaust Cleaning

When it comes to transporting gases, Kay Blowers, as technology leader plays a vital role in the subject equation. Our expertise has bands in all sectors of industries. We follow 3 major STEPS to comply with the customer requirement and standard: 

Planning/ Design/ Development

Engineering/ Production

Installation/ Operation /Maintenance 

Our client’s requirements are our main concern, which is why; Kay systems are just what you need. Our analyses draw on decades of know-how in fluid mechanics & complex processes. We devise customized solution approaches which we implement in tailored products. Every machine built in this way is a unique piece of high performance machinery. Everything we build/ manufacture is subject to the highest standards with absolute precision &perfection down to the last details.

At Kay, we are never satisfied with less than excellence. Our consistent & extremely stringent test procedures evidence this philosophy. Performance tests are conducted on all our machines and components as per BS standard 1571 part II under the most arduous  design conditions before dispatch. Kay lobes compressor are designed, manufactured and supported with maintenance as per ISO 9001:2015 standard.

We always go the extra miles for our customers. With global professional expertise, Kay service strives to available locally to customers everywhere. We can also supply the material in standard MOC configuration i.e., Cast Iron along with special MOC such as Stainless Steel, Cast Steel, NickelChrome or Bronze coated for critical application.